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Bilingual Secondary School in the Comunidad of Madrid. This Centre offers vocational training courses financed by the European Social Fund.

As a bilingual school, we are very fortunate and proud to have the opportunity to employ “auxiliares de conversación“. These are native English speakers from the United Kingdom or the United States of America, who help in classes with students in both the program and the bilingual section.

Please note that some sections of the website are still only in Spanish, as the translation of them is on going. If you have any questions, please contact the school on the email address below.


C/ Valladolid 1

28804 – Alcalá de Henares

Telephone: 91 888 01 69
Fax: 91 882 80 91


E-mail: ies.complutense.alcala@educa.madrid.org


Jueves 6 de septiembre:

  • 1º de ESO: de 9,00 a 11,00 en Jefatura de Estudios.